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Sample Meditation Exercise

Sample Meditation Exercise

The attached MP3 below is a 10-minute sitting meditation.

Sample Page

The attached PDF is a sample page from my MBSR Coursebook. Click the icon below to open the page in Adobe Acrobat.

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Some comments from MBSR participants on completion of the course.

Thank you Pat, this course has been so valuable to me and I felt that kindness was present all the time.


I have found the mindfulness course so helpful in my life. I do not feel so guilty now about having some time to myself. We all get caught up in looking after family and pets, and doing household jobs, but now I know how important it is to take yourself out of these activities to recharge your batteries. It is still difficult at times but now I like myself enough to take the time to help myself.


It has been very gratifying to see and feel the effect that this course has had on my thinking and approach to life. I would have liked it to continue for a little longer. Thank you, Pat.


The course has helped me to be generally calmer. It was very enjoyable and I am a little sad that it has come to an end.

A very well-organized course. The book spells out what we have to focus on each week and the recordings of the meditation exercises are very easy to follow.

I enjoyed the course and learnt some useful techniques. It’s up to me now to make them a part of my daily life.

Great course, thank you very much!

As I worked from home for many years I used to do many things “on automatic”- I wasn’t really thinking about what I was actually doing. I was either thinking about everything I had to do by a certain time, or something I had done wrong and could have done better; in fact anything but what I was actually doing. Many times when I was walking the dogs I wasn’t enjoying the experience, my thoughts were elsewhere. From this course I have learnt to notice this happening and now I try to be mindful of what I am doing at the time. It really does work! Everything gets done as before but it is much more enjoyable and less stressful. Dog walking is great, I listen to the birds singing, I feel the warmth of the sun, a light breeze or rain on my face. I see the beauty of the changing landscape and I am ready for the day ahead. Thank you Pat!


I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and am sad that it is coming to an end. I am delighted to hear that there are various opportunities to meet up in the future.

Pat has a very calm and informative manner that helped the course to run smoothly.

Very valuable experience, which fully met my expectations.

This course has enabled me to become more self-aware and I have changed some aspects of my workload due to what I learnt on the course. Thank you.

This course has been fabulous. It has helped me to become a more grateful person and more considerate of other people’s situations. There is much more that I could say! Thank you Pat

A wonderful course that has taught me how to enjoy each moment of life to the fullest extent.