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Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living (MBCL).

This is a relatively new programme that follows on from the MBSR and MBCT eight-week courses. It is expected that participants will be mindfulness practitioners, continuing with exercises that they have found useful. For example, formal exercises such as the body scan and mindful breathing and informal exercises such as the breathing space, walking meditation and mindful listening.

Discovering and developing our own compassionate nature lies at the heart of this course. At first we focus on kindness to ourselves, developing practices that help us to reduce problems such as self-blame and self-criticism and enhance our ability to “self-soothe”. In the second half of the course we learn to connect more easily with other people, seeing them as sharing the same joys and difficulties as ourselves.

The course is for everyone who wants to strengthen their sense of kindness and connection to self and others. It is particularly helpful for people who work in caring roles and for those who sometimes feel overwhelmed, trapped or depressed; uncertain about the purpose or meaning of their lives. Research shows that kindness to self promotes both our health and our quality of life.

Self-compassion is positively correlated with:

  • Psychological wellbeing and life fulfillment;
  • Mindfulness, emotional intelligence and positive emotions;
  • Self-respect and sympathy with one’s own shortcomings;
  • Coping with adverse life events such as failing exams and traumatic experiences;
  • Being less afraid to make mistakes or be rejected;
  • More social connectedness;
  • Better immune response and healthier lifestyles.

The Structure of the Course.

The course consists of 8 sessions of two and a half hours each and a longer Saturday session in which participants practise the exercises that lie at the heart of the teaching. Audio recordings are provided and can easily be downloaded from the internet. There is also a workbook accompanying the course, which explains the theoretical aspects of the course, giving guidance to accompany the meditation exercises and details of the activities to be done at home between sessions. Participants need to set aside 45 to 60 minutes a day for the home practice.

Themes that run throughout the course include: our common humanity (or connectedness), which is evident in our ability to share joy and suffering with others; our compassionate nature and the importance of using it towards ourselves as well as others; the problems created by our “tricky brains”; and developing the “four friends for life”: loving kindness, joy, compassion and equanimity.

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Details of the next MBCL Course.

This course consists of 9 sessions of 2 hours each and a Saturday 4 hour practice session. The price is £180.

The next MBCL Course begins on Tuesday 21st April 2020 and continues every Tuesday until 16th June, with the Saturday class on 6th June from 10.00am to 2.00pm. The venues for this course have yet to be decided.

Please contact Pat on 01702 558859 or by email if you are thinking of doing this course.